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Have you ever attended an “Online Event”?  It’s like a conference, but done online, and you watch it live from your computer.  These are great ways for speakers from all around the world to provide great content to you without anyone actually leaving their homes or offices!  We’re having one of these on Saturday, March 30, 2013, and I encourage ANYONE who works at home in any capacity to attend.  Before I tell you the details, I want to give you some pointers about attending these events:

  1. Get comfortable, but not too comfortable.  Just like “working” at home, this is a real event.  You want to be focused.  For some of us who work at home, this will be challenging.  This event is from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, and if you are like me, when I work at home I rarely do a full 7  hour “work stint”.  So be ready to pay attention, perhaps for longer stretches than you do on a normal work day!
  2. Plan snacks and meals so you can be ready to grab them when you can.
  3. Watch from a laptop if possible, if you really feel like you need to “move around” during this event.  That way you can take the event with you to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, or move out to the patio for awhile if the sun is shining and you want a “change” of scenery.
  4. Take notes!  This event will be recorded, but the event and the recording are for members of Global Apps Network only, and you might not have permanent access to the files if you are not an ongoing member.

So now to the details.  As I mentioned in #4 above, this event is for members of the Global Apps Network only.  And you may say “I don’t want to become a member at $97 a month just to watch this event”.  Well, don’t despair.  Global Apps Network has a 10 day trial membership for only $19.  I can tell you, with the lineup for this event, if you don’t sit in for $19 you really don’t know what you would be missing!  Rather than reposting all of the speakers, I’ll point you to the event information page.   CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE INFO.

So, between today and 10:00 AM Saturday morning (maybe a bit earlier – don’t want technical glitches to keep you from missing the beginning), you can get a trial membership for $19 by CLICKING HERE.

I hope you will join us.



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