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There has been a lot of buzz around iLivingApp lately. If you haven’t heard, I’d love to give you a non-hype, simple overview of what iLivingApp intends to do, and how it can benefit you on many levels.

If you have not looked at iLivingApp, you should. Right now you can sign up for free, and lock your position in the system today. In case you’ve not really understood what ILA is all about, let’s look at it.  Here’s what ILA says about their own app:

iLivingApp is an iOS and Android app that provides personal development products for EVERYONE, and just happens to pay you a commission at the same time. However, even if you do not have an iOS or Android device, this personal development application is available through a web browser right at your desk.

The Inspired Living App will deliver a weekly, 9 or so minute long personal development video to an associate’s mobile device or web site. As a $9.95/month subscriber you’ll also have access to the archive library of all past content, too. There will also be a simple way to invite your contacts to take a look at the app as well.  Our vision is to make the iLivingApp the most comprehensive source of high quality personal growth and development material available anywhere! People will absolutely love this app and it will be well worth the $10 cost.

So, in other words, a simple $10 per month subscription to a personal development delivery app will provide benefit to you for the subscription, and then give you the ability to receive affiliate commissions for friends, family and associates who you bring to the system.

No matter what business you are currently involved in or looking at, ILA can benefit you. I don’t see ILA as my “primary business”. I see it as a way to bring in some extra income to help FUEL my primary business.

Give it a try! It’s $10, and no money is charged until launch on February 1. ILA is more akin to a tiered affiliate plan structure.  Due to the way the matrix of this company works, the earlier you get involved the better. If you are even just simply interested in the personal development functions of this app, it’s time to jump in!

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If you have specific questions about the system, feel free to drop me a note!

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