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Last month, NPR posted an article on what Americans do all day long during the work week. I only noticed this because today NPR posted a new article on what we do on the weekends.  I thought it would be interesting to see what people do who work at home.  So, I’d love to see some comments on this blog post regarding what you do if you work at home.

Now, there are really a few types of folks who work at home.  Some are employees who telecommute, some do hourly work as contractors, and others are self-employed.  I started thinking about this for myself.

Of course, my “average” day doesn’t really exist.  Some days I work for customers over 8 hours.  Other days I do business related activities on-line, doing my taxes, dealing with paperwork, planning marketing, etc.   Other days I spend hours at school volunteering, or sitting on the deck enjoying the sun.  But after looking at the list that NPR posted, I found it quite telling.

Here’s the graphic of what NPR posted.

An American Work Week


In thinking about how I work, I found that I work, on average 4.5 hour a day.  That gives me almost 5 hours more a day than this survey indicates.  My husband has about 1.5 hours a day just in travel time.  My commute is 30 seconds!  One of the things that concerned me about this survey is that it found 9-1/4 hours a day of work/commute, and only 34 minutes of caring for loved ones.  If for no other reason, I appreciate working at home because it has allowed me to spend quality time with my family WHILE allowing me to have a business and contribute to the family finances.

Tell me how this survey relates to you.  Is there one area where you wish you could really change the time allotted?



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