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9 Ways to Avoid Getting Thrown Into Facebook Jail — 5 Comments

  1. Where have you been? I’ve been in Facebook jail four times and never understood why. Thanks for these 9 ways to avoid Facebook jail…now I’m wiser and more socially acceptable, too!

    • Thanks – yes, it can be frustrating to not know WHAT you’re doing to make Facebook unhappy! Glad this helped you.

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  3. Its crazy to think I have been slapped there twice to adding my classmates an family. An being a class of over 450 its nuts to think I try adding one person I could go back there

  4. I did end up in FB jail once because of sending friend requests to the people I didn’t really know. That’s your #2 tip: Limit Friend Requests of people who you don’t really know.
    Now, I didn’t just blindly send a bunch of requests…5-10 people a day. But that was enough for FB to suspend my account.
    I did post a blog post where I show how easy it is to end up in Facebook jail if the person, to whom you send request, decides to make a single action…