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Geek alert! If you are inclined to do your own “moving” of your WordPress site to a new hosting server, this is for you. If you let the “professionals” do it for you, well, you are missing out of a lot of fun (yeah – this is “fun” for some of us I guess!).

I’m the geek of our family.  Believe it or not, between business and family, we have 22 separate WordPress installations.  Some are self-hosted on servers in my basement, some are at private hosting sites, and some at more public hosting sites.  So I’ve been doing a lot of different ways to move things around.

Long story short, if you are a geeky type who attempts to fix issues by throwing permissions at the problem, that can apparently cause WordPress to just roll over.  So, make sure your entire WP folder is set to 755 (not 777) and suddenly the redirects (or even just a blank page) go away and live is good again!

Live and learn!



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