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I’ve been involved in some discussions with Diane Kennedy (yeah – the tax advisor) recently about “QE3” (just click the Wikipedia link if you don’t know what that is – it makes my head hurt to try to explain!).  Here’s a snippet of part of our discussion:

Now, the second part of this. The Federal Reserve just started QE3. If your eyes start to glaze over when you think about economic issues, floating paper, currency markets and the like, don’t worry. It just comes down to this:

Do you think that the Federal Reserve printing more currency to buy back its own debt, flooding the market will billions of dollars of more paper money, is going to impact the value of your dollar?

If you say ‘yes, it will impact the value of my dollar’, then please read on.

That’s what QE3 is and when the Fed announced they were doing it last week, you know what happened?

Silver and gold shot up in value.

When cash becomes trash, people move to hard assets.

The two most common hard assets to turn to are real estate and silver & gold (precious metals).

[We] are investing in both precious metals and real estate.

Silver & gold. The price of silver and gold just shot straight up this past week when the Fed announced QE3. Drop me an email reply if you want to hear how you can get silver free. My silver will make much more than I personally will this month. Assets working for me – that’s an awesome feeling.
Final word….

Prepare, don’t panic.

The world is changing. Taxes are going to jump more than you expect. Your dollar value is going down.

Are you the type who panics? Okay, most of us are guilty of that. But then what? Do you want to stick your head in the sand and hope it all goes away? Or are you the type of person who can stand bravely in the face of change and take action now?

Find out how to get silver for free!

[F]ind out more about investing in silver and gold at preferred pricing, even getting silver for free.

Skip right to the video at Coins are Cool


If you want to know more about how to make silver and gold work for you (and as Diane mentions, even get it for free), use the “contact us” form above, and I’ll hook you up with Diane’s method.  Or as she also mentions just jump to Coins are Cool and find out how even one of the country’s most trusted tax advisors is hedging her bets!  If you don’t already have a home-based business and want to find out more, then read on at Home Business Benefits.




How will QE3 affect the “little guy”? — 3 Comments

  1. This is not relevant to most people because the buying power of the dollar in their pocket WON’T change – a loaf of bread will cost the same, as will water, electricity, etc.

    If the objective of this article is to scare people into buying commodities, then it may work and may earn you some commission, but scaremongering will simply prolong the problem, not solve it.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone accuse Diane Kennedy of “scaremongering” before, or for that matter being “irrelevant”, but I’m always interested in the comments of others.

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