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Today I received a very interesting email message regarding my my Amazon.it seller account.  While this indeed happened on my European market account, I suspect this will be a ploy for other marketplaces, if it is not already!  So all Amazon sellers worldwide should take note!

The message essentially said there was suspicious activity on my account, and that I should open the attached PDF to confirm the identity of my account.  It also attempted to appeal to my sense of security by informing me that I could view this message on Seller Central.

Indeed, this message was in my “Buyer Messages”.  It looks like this (in Italian of course).

If you open the PDF (it is titled “confirm your Amazon.it identity”), you see a page that looks like this – notice I have hovered over the link to confirm my identity, and I’ve highlighted the site that it would send me to.  This is NOT Amazon of course, and is actually a WordPress site.

Be careful out there people!  I’ve reported this to Amazon.  Do not let this catch you!

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