We’d like to get to know you better!

Hi!  I’m Danita – that’s pronounced mostly like Anita, with a D, just like you’d expect! And that handsome man with me in the picture below is my husband Joe.

Danita & JoeI’ve been working at home for 25 years as a corporate email consultant, and have been pretty successful at that. I started out as a moderator on technical forums on Compuserve, and built a following by sharing everything I knew about the products I supported. Eventually people let me know they were actually willing to PAY for my knowledge, and that allowed me to grow a modest local computer consulting business into an International business writing books, doing speaking tours, selling products and services online, and continuing to share a good deal of my knowledge on the subject for free.

But my real drive was to allow my husband to work at home as well! So about seven years ago I started looking at ways for us to accomplish just that.  We had big dreams to move to his family’s home town in Italy for a few years while we were “young enough to enjoy it”, and so our push to become less dependent on “jobs” and more secure through multiple streams of income moved into high gear about 4 years ago. We finally fulfilled that dream in 2016, and now live full time in Italy, with a number of business and family trips to the US each year to keep us connected.

My husband and I met online over 20 years ago. I ended up importing him to the US from Scotland, and we got married 22 years ago. So we are very much “online” people. That’s made the desire to create a big business online very important for us. We do love the personal touch of “offline” marketing too, but it’s safe to say that we feel very comfortable meeting people and working our business online.

Almost five years ago, my husband quit his job and has joined me full time in our home business, where we assist others in becoming successful working at home. We’re both really excited about our business “at home” together, and are looking forward to our future.

We have three children, a grandchild, an African Grey parrot (he even has his own Facebook page here), and slew of weekly “grand-puppies” (one of which who believe it or not has HIS own Facebook page as well), and some grand-kitties.

So How Can We Help You?

This site, Move Out of the Office, is dedicated to not only documenting our success in our own desire for a profitable and successful business, but to share with you so that you can have hope and inspiration in your own quest for your escape from the office! We are business coaches and mentors, and want YOU to have the best business you can have. We’ve learned a lot along the way. We’ve spent a lot of money (too much some might say) on the wrong tools, made mistakes and miscalculations, but thankfully through perseverance and great help from other like-minded individuals, we finally found our way to a successful strategy.

So, tell us about yourself (you can click here to send us a message), what your goals are, where you want to be next year, five years from now, 10 years from now!  We’d love to help you reach those goals and even more!